Wednesday, 1 June 2011

Selling stuff at the local market

Brilliant, have just had a good day of selling stuff at the local market! We recently joined a co-op in Machynlleth called "Fresh & Local", basically means you don't have to get involved/risk buying a stall, shelving, getting insurance etc and some of your profit goes into running the whole thing. Theres a rota for manning the stall or you can opt out and give an extra percentage of your profit.

Tried out selling a few bags of lettuce leaf and Spinch last week and they sold so tried a bunch more this week and all but one bag sold, so thats a really good extra thing we can sell each week until the season ends. Mostly selling herbs and bits n bobs of vegetabled like Tomato plants, Spinich plants n stuff like that. Hope to start selling a few boxes of eggs pretty soon.

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