Friday, 28 October 2011

The moving of the hens

Of course... how could I forget ...the moving of the hens...

Yes the trailer was too no sorry I should say the hen house was too big. The hen house was too big despite the fact that I built it myself and measured it knowing that one day it would have to go in that small trailer..... I wasnt too pleased...why did I just measure straight across the trailer ignoring the fact that there are solid  metal strips running around the edge...????

Anyway the hens survived, the best moment was when the automatic opener started to open with them in the trailer!!! (the dark plastic bag wasnt covering the light sensor enough!!!)....

The hens are happy now and have lots more space and we have now extended their origional area into the area where the fruit trees are, so they are munching lots of slugs and pest and keeping things down around the fruit trees which is a bonus.  * Garlic and cider vineger once each month in their water seems to be keeping them well.

* did I mention the red mites??? Prob best to forget all that , they are fine now :)

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