Tuesday, 13 December 2011

Drinks for Christmas

I've been quite busy brewing alcohol for the Christmas period. We have a batch of beer, 20 litres of red wine and 5 litres of liquor. Ok so all of this is not just for Christmas, but it will be nice to have a range of drinks. We have six different flavours of liquor;

Cherry brandy, Mint, Chocolate, Irish cream, Orange  and coconut.

The liquor was all made from a kit which I would definately recommend, it's called 'absolutely pure spirit base kit' and it's made by 'Alcotec'. It makes 5 litres of  20% pure spirit base . I think it works out at about £1 for a litre or something like that and then you can buy flavourings to add or just have it as half proof vodka.

I buy my brewing supplies from 'Brewgenie' who have a great online shop and they have always delivered things very quickly with no problems.

* the other excellent kits for liquors that I have used before are called 'Prohibition' and they do an excellent Cherry brandy one.

** I havn't ever tried making liquors without a kit and I think it would be tough to create something that is 20% and very clear without distilling and making spirits proper???

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